• Company coaching:

    • Business coaching: meant for entrepreneurs and its top employees, in addition to free lancers.  

    • Corporate coaching: meant for middle management employees both in big and small companies, in no profit organisations  services companies and government agencies. It focuses on the objectives chosen together with the company.  

    • Executive coaching: meant for top executives who a have powerful position within the company organization.   

    • Group coaching: meant for people belonging to the same hieratical level but not to the same team of work. Designed to work on a common objective focused on competences development.

    • Team coaching: meant for a team of people with common objectives and interdependency. It focuses on the development of the team performances.  

  • Personal coaching: meant for people who want to achieve one or more objectives that they have chosen, and who want to increase at the maximum level their potential. It is not performed inside companies. 

  • Sport coaching: meant for sport pro who want to improve their performances and their goals. 

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