What I do



Areas of competence :



Coaching is a  partnership between a coach and another person (coachee) or group of people (coachees), where the coach supports the coachee in choosing and realising his/her objectives, in the shortest period of time and through specific actions.  


    Associate Certified Coach ICF,           Business Coach trained by Corporate Coach U Italy,  Master practitioner in neuro-linguistic programming and neuro-semantic trained by the Italian Institute of Neuro-Semantic, life coach trained by LUCE®, breath-coach.





Areas of competence

  • contracts drafting, review, negotiation; 

  • compliance;

  • corporate governance;

  • safety;

  • data privacy (GDPR);

  • legal consultancy ;

  • creation and review of templates, policies, procedures









During my  12 years as legal counsel, with growing responsibilities, I dealt with contracts, compliance, corporate, privacy, safety, employment, working in multinational companies in the following industries: Oil and Gas, Marine, Steel, Metals, Technology, Telecommunications.

I lived in Italy, United States and Belgium, supporting companies with subsidiaries in several countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia. 

I regularly participate to international events as speaker



Areas of competence :


  • trainings in different languages on various matters among which contracts, privacy, safety, compliance.


  • emotions handling and  wellbeing trainings for  law firms;

  • wellbeing trainings in companies;

  • laughter yoga trainings;

  • Louise Hay method trainings;

  • Breathwork trainings.


During the last 6 years, I've embarked on a journey of personal growth and coaching, investing more than 800 hours in training held in different parts of Italy, San Marino, Spain, Thailand and Indonesia.


 Facilitator of all three levels (personal, coach, business) of "heal your life" ®, method created by Louise Hay, laughter yoga teacher, breathwork trainer. 


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